merely allow an American style plug to fit into a German style outlet, and do not convert / transform the voltage of the electricity.

Plug adapters can be used in conjuction with a german light bulb to operate your Americn lamps.

Step-Down Converters

Voltage Converters can be ound for less than 20$. People often mistake these items for transformers, step down converters change the electricity voltage from 220v to 110v, but unlike transformers, converters are NOT designed for continous use.


These converters should only be used for relatively short periods of time (max. 1 hr) Converters must be unplugged rom the wall when not in use.


They can be purchased from the powerzone and range $26 for 75W to $185 for 2000W. Used transformers can be purchased at Thrift Shops on post for 1/2 the price of new ones.