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Don't hesitate to ask your German neighbours for special information about your village, waste, festivities, kindergarden...

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Althoughthe GermansaroundRamsteinAirbase celebrateHalloween, there is alsotheWitches Night "Hexennacht", on April 30.

The children go at that night through the streets and are driving jokes. They are hiding trash cans, floor mats and anything not secured. To avoid problems, put everything inside the house.

–Weekend and holidays–


Westpfalzklinikum Kusel, Im Flur 1, Phone: 116117
Call in advance

Wed. 1400 hrs to Thurs. 0700 hrs

Fri. 1600 hrs to Mon. 0700 hrs

Pharmacy / Apotheke




Please note the rules for the quiet time on the identical site.

Pharmacies are not like the drug stores back home

You can also find in what is called a Drogerie, or drugstoe, not to be confused with the Pharmacy. Drogeries don't really have an equivalent in North America, Britain or Australia.

Important is:


In Germany are two daily periods, where it isn't alloud to operate with loud machines.

This quiet time is from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. and from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Especially on Sundays and holidays it is completely forbidden.


This law is intended to guarantee a trouble-free mid-day and night-time rest.

If you have any questions, ask the Ordnungsamt representative.


The following house and garden appliances and machinery are off limits,

but it must be emphasized that there could be more:

  • chainsaw
  • grass trimmer
  • mowing machine
  • leaf blower 
  • ...


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Germany is among the top waste recycling countries in the world.

Consumers sort trash among at least 5  recycling boxes:

wastebags nanzdietschw


 WHITE  : For glas without deposit (nonreturnable bottles)

BLUE BAGS: Paper refuse, like newspapers, periodicals, cardboards

YELLOW BAG: A green dot indicates the German recycling bin or plastics, aluminium cans, spray cans and composite materials like milk cartons. These materials go into a yellow bag

Brown Bin (Biotonne): Kitchen scrabs, peels, tea bags and other biodegradable waste

Grey Bin (Restmülltonne): Garbage that does not it the upper categories e. g. cigarette ashes, personal items should be disposed in the grey bin